About Us
A podcaster since 2006 Dr. J, the voice of in His Presence Radio, loves the power of the podcast.  “It is such a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel.   I have met some great people through the podcast and yes, I really do listen to podcasts from other broadcasters.   We hope you enjoy our broadcast and please feel free to share your comments with us.   In addition to the teaching ministry we feature periodic interviews with up and coming artists and others in the Christian community who can bring a message of hope and encouragement.
In His Presence is a ministry  of None Like Him Anywhere (nlhaministries@yahoo.com)  a Christian Education ministry where we are committed to teaching and sharing the Word of God. 
If you want to know more about IHPR or NLHA Ministries please contact us.  We are always looking for persons with a heart for ministry who want to be a part of sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

Please contact us:

 inhispresenceradio.outlook.com                      Fax: 562-437-1422
(641) 715-3900  Extension: 917166
Meet The Team
  1. LaMeshia Conley
  2. Elder Clarence Agard
    Pastor, Musician,and Vocialist Pastor Agard loves sharing the Word of God with others.
LaMeshia Conley is a communications specialist emphasizing in public relations, branding, social media promotion, and marketing.